Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PERUVIAN PARADISE-A Recap of our Trip to Peru

Manuel and I just got back from Peru a couple of weeks ago. I met his family for the first time, we went shopping, played on the beach, sold our merchandise, went to touristy stuff, ate delicious food, had our "wedding reception," went to a "real" wedding, danced, played, enjoyed, and now we're starting to plan our next trip. Here are just some of the pics to hopefully show how WONDERFUL Peru is!In the airport...after our delays, and layovers, and spending the night there, waiting for luggage to be found...
Manuel with all of the merchandise that we took down
Happy to be there. Manuel had talked, ever since we were dating, about "me and you, together in peru, eating delicious food, laying on the beach, together" It finally came true :)

Somehow, we were lucky enough for Manuel to get to go to his University graduation...3 years late, but it was really special for me to be there to see him receive his diploma!

Waiting for the taxi to take us to the club

Manuel and his friends at the club
There were these guys all over the streets, selling random things, with their boob/butt costumes. So funny the first time I saw it, and then a little offensive every time after that...
Practicing with the DJ
With the gorgeous Flower arrangement
Manuel serenaded me while we waited to make our grand entrance
He and his brother look like "Oceans 12", don't you think?

Manuel and his best friend (and his best friends cousin). We arranged our trip around his wedding, Manuel was the best man.

This is a Huanchaco Beach, just 10 minutes away from Manuel's house.

Manuel doing his best man duties at the Civil Wedding

This is at an ancient ruin site close to his home.

This is the top of the city just starting to be uncovered from the top.

And just some really cool walls--I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but these walls are really really tall, and the murals are huge!

The ugliest dog I have ever seen!

I lost my flip flops in the ocean

It's hard to see, but the people in the back are the catholic nuns, getting some sun on the beach

At the catholic wedding, the building was beautiful, but the wedding was kind of weird...

And the reception was the BEST I have EVER been too, I don't know what we're thinking with our lame Mormon-Utah-Receptions!

Beautiful Decorations

Beautiful people

And TONS of fun!

I felt so silly being fully dressed, I was the only person there with sleeves (let alone a t-shirt under my "sunday church dress"). Especially cause I met all of Manuel's ex-girlfriends at this party...they were really cute...

It was hard to say goodbye to his sweet family, but exciting to know that we'd be back soon, and hopefully have even more fun the next time! This is his family coming to see us off at the bus station--we had an 8 hour bus ride and the seats were even better than my bed! We slept through the night and woke up just in time to catch our flight!

This is the biggest elevator that I had ever seen! The first pic is looking up, and the second is what we had already climbed!...easily amused...

And now just 82 more days until our next trip to Peru!!!


  1. You're going back!? That's great. I'm super excited for you. I don't mean to dwell on the bad, but that is the ugliest dog I've ever seen. Seriously. I'm glad you took the piture. :)

  2. Felicitaciones un abrazo a ambos de un amigo de del colegio de Manuel.

    Gustavo Flores

  3. That looks like an amazing trip, I have heard that Peruvians know how to throw a great party. Well the only two I know here in Mesa do anyway. Seriously great pictures, cannot wait to hear about your next trip.