Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something to Blog About

I think this last month I passed a very important milestone in blogging: I had a baby! I think blogging was created for moms to brag about their kids, and that's exactly what I'm going to do from here on out!
As I sit here in the room next to my baby, and listen to him hiccup himself to sleep, I am filled with love but also overwhelmed with what will come in the future--what a scary world to bring something so precious and innocent into. And so, every day I hold this sweet little baby in my arms with more love than he will ever imagine, and I look forward to all of the sweet moments that I can blog about.

We love you Andrew and look forward to countless blogging moments in the future!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At Least He'll Have a Sweet Spirit

Doesn't everybody say that no matter how ugly your baby actually is, you still think it's cute because it's yours.
Well, I have a hard time believing that I would unconditionally love this child

Isn't technology great? 
I used one of those "morph-yourself" websites to see what my baby will look like. 
I sure hope he stays in me for as long as possible 
cause it looks like he's going to need 
as much beauty sleep as he can get before he comes out!

We tried again with different pictures...not much better...
It also doesn't help that it asks the ethnicity of the parents
and the only options it gives are African, East Asian, and Indian

This baby looks like a mini Ghandi
At least he'll have a sweet spirit

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

15300 Toilet Paper Squares

This week we are finishing the last roll of our first package of COSTCO toilet paper.
I don't know about you, but I feel like that's a pretty big feat!
One and a half years and one huge package later, we'll head back to make another purchase.
As our family grows, we will do an experiment to see how each kid affects the
longevity of the COSTCO toilet paper pack!

Friday, June 11, 2010

900 Paper Clips and 1 Cauliflower

My favorite weekly activity is to read about what's happening with my baby while still in the womb. I have some favorite websites and emails and they are constantly comparing my unborn baby to fruits, vegetables, office supplies, and make-up.

This week baby weighs 900 paper clips
And is the size of a Cauliflower
That's my boy :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Please, No Pictures...

Another fun trip to South America,
I didn't know what I'd be getting myself in to!
I assumed that by bringing my flat iron,
I'd have a nice sleek look and not have to worry about
bringing mousse, gel, hairspray, blowdryer, and the list goes on.
Little did I know that my straightener wouldn't like the electricity down there
and blew a fuse on the second day of the trip.
The humidity got the best of me and I walked around like a fuzzball for 2 weeks.
As much fun as the trip was,
it went mostly undocumented
and was very easy to just leave my camera in our room and say
"no pictures today"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The News Is Out!

...IT'S A BOY!!!

As excited as I was to buy
pink frilly dresses and bows,

Manuel is picking out cleats and
soccer balls for our little guy

September 10--Can't Wait!

Elder Facer's Blog

I've finally got Brigham's blog up and going. I've posted his letters since he's been in the MTC, and plan on doing it through the mission. You can find it at:
or he is on my blog list as well.

No pictures yet, but I'll get after Brig to send us some for you to see.

I'll get his mission address updated and add a few more features as he gets out into the field! It sounds like he's been craving cookies (snickerdoodles were requested by name) but would absolutely love a letter too.

Please follow his blog to keep updated on the progress he's making, the testimony he's growing, and even to shed a few tears (that's usually the effect it has on me), and I'll make sure to keep his blog updated regularly--most likely better than my own!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sorry To Be A Party Pooper...

But Valentines Day just isn't for me. It was so nice to see all of your blogs about what you did, and what cute presents you gave each other, but I guess I am just not very sentimental.

...Overpriced Flowers
...Not Very Good Chocolates that make me fat
...Stuffed animals that I will never use
...Can't find a seat together at the movie theater
...Waiting in ridiculously long restaurant lines
All of which are triple the normal price

We have been trying to establish new traditions as a new little family and here's our best idea yet:
We are going to celebrate Valentines Day the day after Valentines Day. This way, I can fill my home with leftover flowers that don't cost 25$ anymore, but 5$...MAXIMUM. We can go to any restaurant we want, and choose if we want a booth or a table.

We probably will still go out on Valentines Day, but it will be something similar to what we did this year...Go to a public place, sit down and relax in each other's arms, while we watch people stress, argue, and scramble to get to their next romantic destination :)