Friday, November 11, 2011


Our life has drastically changed over the last year or so
We have had lots of "Firsts"
Here's a little overview of our Firsts:

*12/2009: Announcement of our FIRST baby
*04/2010: I graduated from BYU
*06/2010: We bought our FIRST house

*09/2010: Our FIRST baby, Andrew, was born
*5 weeks: Andrew's FIRST smile
*10 weeks: Andrew rolled over for the FIRST time
* 2 months: Andrew got his FIRST passport and had his FIRST international flight; FIRST trip to Vegas
*6 months: Andrew sat up for the FIRST time, FIRST trip to 7 Peaks, and many after through the summer
*7 months: Army crawling everywhere, calls everything DADA
*12 months: Andrew's FIRST Bday--didn't let go of his balloons for a week
*11 months: FIRST teeth finally!(top 2 came in first)
*13 months: FIRST steps, quickly turned to running and kicking soccer balls
*15 months: FIRST word: HOLA!

*10/2011: Mom's FIRST real job at BYU
Dad didn't have many FIRSTS, but has been consistent but proactive as he grows our home business, making all of these FIRSTS possible

What a wonderful year full of FIRSTS!

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