Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Made it 4 years without

This last week I had about 4 dessert assignments,
and made super easy Magic Cookie Bars.
This consisted of a homemade graham cracker crust.
The first batch I made, I hesitated for a minute
realized I didn't have a rolling pin,
and continued forward by pounding the graham crackers
while still in the bag--
This actually worked surprisingly well,
and completely mess-free

I knew I had 3 more batches ahead of me
and thought it a good idea to buy my first rolling pin
Made a special trip to the store for this round piece of wood
that ended up being a 50$ grocery store trip.

Anxious to use it for the first time, I started rolling
With limited space on my counter--full of all the weekend's projects at once
And none of them having been cleaned up,
I rolled out about all of the crackers that I would need
and my last roll was quite a spastic one.
The majority of my crackers ended up on the floor.

I'm not sure why I felt like I needed this rolling pin so badly,
but so far it's cost me 50$,
2 extra packets of graham crackers,
it's invited the summer ants to invade my kitchen to help clean up the crumbs I couldn't find,
and it's just a big clunky item that takes up my utensil misc drawer.

In the future--I recommend the plasitc-package-pounding method.
Who needs a rolling pin, anyway?
I made it 4 years without one.

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