Monday, April 20, 2009

Some of the Many Reasons I Love Being Married

Today, Manuel and I celebrated being married for 4 happy months, and throughout the day I was thinking of why I love him, and why I love being married to him. Here are a couple of the reasons:
  • Talking until the early hours of the morning
  • Coming home to his smiling face
  • Working on our little business together
  • Cooking Sunday lunch
  • Random road trips
  • Unconditional love
  • Laughing and joking
  • The best shopping partner ever
  • He is so sexy when he speaks Spanish
  • Taking random naps together
  • Waking up with his arms around me
  • Dependable gym partner
  • The look he gets on his face when we dance together
This is only a fraction of the things I thought about (with a big smile on my face) during the day. These are the reasons that help me get through each day, that make life worth living, that make me look forward to the next 4 months, the next 4 years, the rest of eternity with the love of my life :)

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  1. Sweet post. I love posts like these. They make me thankful for love!