Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sorry To Be A Party Pooper...

But Valentines Day just isn't for me. It was so nice to see all of your blogs about what you did, and what cute presents you gave each other, but I guess I am just not very sentimental.

...Overpriced Flowers
...Not Very Good Chocolates that make me fat
...Stuffed animals that I will never use
...Can't find a seat together at the movie theater
...Waiting in ridiculously long restaurant lines
All of which are triple the normal price

We have been trying to establish new traditions as a new little family and here's our best idea yet:
We are going to celebrate Valentines Day the day after Valentines Day. This way, I can fill my home with leftover flowers that don't cost 25$ anymore, but 5$...MAXIMUM. We can go to any restaurant we want, and choose if we want a booth or a table.

We probably will still go out on Valentines Day, but it will be something similar to what we did this year...Go to a public place, sit down and relax in each other's arms, while we watch people stress, argue, and scramble to get to their next romantic destination :)

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  1. I just found your blog and wanted to say congratulations on your new little one! I can't wait for September to see pictures.

    (I feel the same way about Valentines which is why I blogged about my dryer instead of flowers and chocolate and blah. I think you have quite the idea though. I won't let the secret get out so everyone doesn't do the same thing and ruin your special day.)