Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elder Facer's Blog

I've finally got Brigham's blog up and going. I've posted his letters since he's been in the MTC, and plan on doing it through the mission. You can find it at:
or he is on my blog list as well.

No pictures yet, but I'll get after Brig to send us some for you to see.

I'll get his mission address updated and add a few more features as he gets out into the field! It sounds like he's been craving cookies (snickerdoodles were requested by name) but would absolutely love a letter too.

Please follow his blog to keep updated on the progress he's making, the testimony he's growing, and even to shed a few tears (that's usually the effect it has on me), and I'll make sure to keep his blog updated regularly--most likely better than my own!

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